E39 M5 Strut Instructions.

How to quickly R & R Ground Control struts on an e39 M5dure from start to finish


This is approximately a 20-30 minute procedure.

The key is to compress the strut, in situ, using the rebound of the damper to hold it compressed while swapping the strut. Using this procedure, none of the links, sway bars or brake calipers need to be removed. Only the wheels need to be removed for access. The tension of the spring is not a factor because the adjuster is threaded so far down that the spring is no longer extending the strut.




  1. measure and record ride heights from center of wheel to fender lip
  2. lift hood and mark camber caster plates in order to reinstall in the same position. Record strut adjustment
  3. jack up front of car, support, and remove front wheels
  4. measure and record distance from top of “knuckle” to bottom of gold spring adjuster on each side
  5. unlock and unthread gold adjusters all the way down, off of the red threaded sleeve so the springs are loose
  6. adjust front struts to be all the way “Firm”, this will keep the strut compressed when swapping
  7. remove lower “pinch bolt” and wedge knuckle open to allow removal of strut
  8. remove three upper mount/camber plate nuts, compress strut assembly completely.
  9. remove strut assembly from knuckle, upward and outward.


Installation of new struts


  1. adjust new strut to all the way “Firm”
  2. unthread gold adjustment collars all the way down, off of the red tubes, so the springs are loose
  3. compress strut enough to reinstall where previous strut was removed from
  4. install completely into lower knuckle, double checking orientation, and reinstall pinch bolt
  5. adjust new strut to “Soft”, to allow easier extension. Allow to extend. Do not bolt the top just yet.
  6. repeat complete procedure on other side.
  7. reinstall 3 upper mounting bolts on each side, at the same time, so you aren’t fighting the sway bar.
  8. tighten lower pinch bolts after visually checking orientation and depth.
  9. correctly reposition camber caster plates as recorded in step 2
  10. correctly reset damping as recorded in step 2
  11. correctly reposition gold adjustment nut to where they were recorded in step 4
  12. lower car after reinstalling wheels and lug nuts.
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