Ground Control Camber/Caster Plates


Ground Control RACE camber/caster plates are designed for racing only. There is not a single compromise to allow for a downgrade to street use. It is this dedication to the product that has resulted in some exclusive and unusual design features. One of these feature is to use completely solid, separate bearings for the spring and strut, to allow separate movement. Under certain non racing conditions, this feature can create a noise from the spring when the spring and strut are trying to move separately.

This spring "noise" can only occasionally be heard when the car is stopped and steered excessively. The only way to eliminate this noise potential would be to downgrade and remove features from the Ground Control camber/caster plates that make our plates the industry leader.

Ground Control has two solutions to avoided any noise that a solid, dedicated race camber /caster plate may make:

1) Maintaining and greasing friction surfaces regularly.  
2) Ask us about options to quiet down your plates, or one of our multiple other camber plate options! 


Ground Control STREET camber/caster plates are designed for street use, and have no metal to metal contact at all. Of course this is a disadvantage for racing, but a benefit for street use.

The softer springs used on street cars, by definition, articulate more easily than stiff race springs so an articulating bearing is not necessary. This allows Ground Control to engineer a quiet, insulated spring perch into the street system with no concern about the springs or bearings ever making noise.

-James Morris
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