Torque Specs

Torque Specs:

All fasteners used on Ground Control Suspension Systems are designed to be torqued to the same value as the stock item being replaced. In the case of suspension components that are an addition to the stock parts, standard torque values are specified, the same values as found in engineering books or on some engineering websites.

However, I need to caution you about over-reliance on a torque wrench. Buying a torque wrench does NOT mean that from now on, all of your fasteners will be magically tightened the correct amount.

There is a learned skill to tightening bolts, and the torque wrench is just a mechanics tool to add to the consistency of his work. Your average mechanic was fixing the flat tire on his bicycle, without his Dads help, when he was 11. He now uses a torque wrench as an ADDITION to his knowledge of tightening fasteners, not as a substitute.

If you must use a torque wrench, use a "beam type" rather than a "click-type", as it has less tendency to fool the novice user.

100% of customer broken studs and nuts for GC Camber/Caster plates were done WITH a torque wrench, so be very careful as you work on your car. If you have questions, you can always contact GC.

James Morris
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