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BMW E36 Camber/Caster Plate-HYBRID (92-99 3 series) and Z3 (Pair)


HYBRID Camber/Caster Plates
A special version of our camber/caster plates, toned down for dual-purpose cars. Uses a proprietary upper perch with a urethane spring insulator. More camber adjustment than stock, caster adjustment, aircraft bearings, engraved with calibrated degrees, with stainless steel reinforcement. Every component is anodized or plated, including fasteners. Adds extra travel to avoid excessive bottoming out, this is a very well engineered product. The stainless steel reinforcement prevents electrolysis between the steel fender and the aluminum camber plate.

Camber and caster are separately adjustable by sliding the mounts, without removing any components from the car. The priority of this design is to allow fast, repeatable alignment changes at the track.

The Ground Control camber plates feature two sets of bearings, a proprietary bearing, made to our specs by Aurora in the USA, which allows for articulation of the shock shaft. This spherical bearing is very understressed, as the Ground Control design does NOT support the weight of the car on the spherical bearing. Instead, the weight of the car is supported by a completely separate articulating needle bearing, which is also manufactured for Ground Control in the USA.


Camber Range: -22mm, 6mm, 28mm total range of adjustment

based on 92-99 e36, 95 M3. (96-99 M3 slightly different from factory) 
Caster Range: 20.5mm total range of adjustment 

Height to spring: 51mm 

includes thickness of reinforcement and urethane spring pad 
Travel limit thickness: 49mm 

including reinforcement