Coilover Conversion kit, 82-92 Chevrolet Camaro/Firebird Weight Jack

By Ground Control Suspension Systems

This kit fits 82-92 Chevrolet Camaro and Firebird. Weight Jack Kit, most shocks.

  • race only
  • Expected ride height change from 0 to 3 inches

Ground Control Spring Kits

This spring kit gives you the option to customize the ride height of your vehicle. This kit is a unique design, specifically designed for NASA A.I.X., SCCA A/S, SCCA Street Prepared, and any other race class that does not allow a conversion to coil-over shocks. This kit includes steel front weight jack fror the springs (stock location) which allows wider tires than a drag-race" coilover kit. The rear spring is adjusted in the stock position on the axle to suit the requirements of the rules. Most other spring kits offer only one set ride height when installed. The Ground Control system's unique design allows for easy adjustment. For the rear, simply lift the corner(s) of the vehicle that you wish to adjust and spin the adjustable spring seat up or down to raise or lower the vehicle. The front of the car can be adjusted or tweaked WITHOUT raising the car, by simply accessing the Ground Control designed weight jack with a 1/2 ratchet handle and extension (not included). Ground Control spring kits are also designed to be used with aftermarket shocks.

Springs: Suspension Spring Specialists springs offer a lifetime warranty against spring rate change and sagging.

Adjusters: The rear adjusters consist of a threaded sleeve and adjustable spring seat, and are made using high strength 6061-T6 aluminum; anodized for greater durability and appearance. The threads on the adjusters are square cut which locks the adjustable spring seat in place under load. For further precaution, a setscrew in the adjustable spring seat can be used to secure adjustment. Stock upper spring perches are used to insulate the spring, or they are deleted when used with stiffer springs. The front weight jack assemblies are powder coated 1026 steel, because of the higher spring loads.

Ground Control works very hard with Suspension Spring Specialists to make these springs to the standards that you demand. Lifetime guarantee on everything, not just springs. No excuses about "racing" or "special". If anything fails, while being correctly installed, it will be taken care of, period. We can only have a guarantee like this because every single part of the Ground Control Race adjustable height kit is made by us or someone we trust. None of these parts are made in Taiwan. Everything is made in the USA.





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