BMW E30 Sport - Camber Plates

Best Seller!
By Ground Control Suspension Systems

Does not fit E34 with 16mm pin and stock spring diameter, (Seperate item, CPe34Touring)

These plates feature over 23mm of total camber adjustment (16mm negative/7.5mm positive), with the ability to make corrective caster changes to equalize side-to-side caster in the stock position.

Other features include replaceable waterproof German axial load bearings, and urethane bushings for long life, less deflection, and a smooth silent ride on either stock, or 2.5" racing springs.

Our camber plates are also engraved with the Ground Control logo in an arch which can be used to locate the plate in the stock position for easy, repeatable, adjustment from street to track and back.

All components are anodized or zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

We also offer our lifetime guaranty on all GC produced hardware! (OEM BMW steering bearings have a 1 year warranty)

• A clean sheet design for street cars, not an adapted spherical race plate. 
• Waterproof, German-made, axial load steering bearings.
• Allows for up to 23.5mm total camber adjustment. (16mm negative - 7.5mm positive)
• Unique slot design allows for caster correction.
• Revolutionary caster adjustment can be locked or unlocked.
• Urethane center mounts reduce NVH, yet do not flex.
• All components plated or anodized for corrosion resistance.
• Zinc plated mounting bracket for ease of install and adjustment.
• Available for stock diameter, 60mm or 2.5 inch springs



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