Datsun PL510 Rear Coilover Kit

By Ground Control Suspension Systems
Bolt-on rear coilover kit for Datsun 510 (68-73, not wagon)

We start with a Ground Control designed rear upper shock mount. Machined from high carbon steel, and using a grade 8 bolt, this rear upper mount is designed to carry the weight of the car after springs are added to the shock. We utilize a Koni monotube rear shock, adjustable for rebound damping. This shock is available in our standard default damping for standard width cars, or heavier damping for wider cars with higher spring rates. The Koni shock is mounted inverted for less unsprung weight, and features the exclusive GC coilover hardware with single-locking sleeve and and your choice of Eibach race spring. If you are considering over 500 pound rear springs, we recommend fabricating a double shear rear lower mount to supplement our lower mount.
Any spring is available, enter your choice in the ordering menu or select "email me"
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