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F8X M3/M4 Coilover Completion Kit(For Ohlins,MCS,JRZ,etc)

Ground Control F8X M3/M4 Coilover Completion Kit
Now available! Coilover Complete system for all F8X M3/M4 chassis. This system includes:
  • Ground Control adjustable camber/caster plates. Designed to with any aftermarket damper package(MCS, JRZ, Ohlins, ect). Also includes spring hats to match 2.25" or 2.5" inner diameter springs.
  • Eibach Race Springs. Any spring rates and lengths available, as well as the option for 2.25" or 2.5" inner diameter springs.
  • Ground Control rear ride height adjusters, including spring perches to work with 2.5" or 2.25" inner diameter springs.
  • Ground Control strut and shock bumpstops.
Still looking for dampers? Ground Control is also an authorized dealer of MCS and JRZ systems. Please e-mail us at for hard to beat "package price" systems.